The nation is in the midst of a great transition. New technology & science are erupting on the scene at rapid pace while disruptions in global health have shaken us from our daily routine. Heeding demands for social justice and expanded opportunity, regional stakeholders are actively seeking guidance in workforce development. 
Organized to meet these pressing challenges, the Yellow Springs Science Castle sprung from a $450k grant sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research on the nature of distributed work. The objective of the AFOSR grant is to develop scalable solutions in human computer teaming. The mission of YeS🎡 is to deploy these solutions. 
At the Yellow Springs Science Castle, we accelerate achievement through exploration and the practice of agency. Steering clear of mindless drudgery, the Yellow Springs Science Castle offer choice & opportunity. Children offer their love of play. Together, we write an array of intertwining & informative narratives. We start conversations that last days, months, years.  
🎡 As a children’s museum, we organize around play. Little kids work big while big kids work details. Under the beguiling influence of play, children dedicate time on task engaged deeply by their interests & internal drives. 
🎡 As an incubator of human computer teaming, the Yellow Springs Science Castle offers views into how technology will shape our world & work life. 
- Adaptive manufacturing focuses on sustainability, customization & flexibility. 
- Live, virtual constructive interactivity melds computation with collaboration. 
- Mobility grants agency & reach. 

🎡 As a member of Association of Children’s Museums, we model our approach after the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Kid Museum in Bethesda MD, and the Children's Museum of Denver. Presently, we are working with Learn to Earn Dayton, Greene County Public Library, and local universities to develop services for area youth & their caregivers. 
In the rollout of the museum, we anticipate development in three stages.
1. Home base for popup service & maker lab (2021-2022) - 4 co-founders 
2. Concept room & maker lab (2022-2023) - 6-8 employees
3. Children's museum (2024) - 10-14 employees
Though complications from the pandemic may delay this rollout, we are motivated to meet to this general timetable. Now is the time to nurture our future.
innovative ❉ playful ❉ nurturing
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